About us

Gabarits Assistent SAS

Our company specializes in the design of universal jigs for the manufacture and assembly of all types of furniture,

- 2013: Creation thanks to the association of several autoentrepreneurs,

- 2016: Change of statue Gabarits Assistent in SAS

Since then we strive to offer:

- Quality products Customer service to match our ambitions

- Templates that allow the creation and manufacture of kitchens, walk-in closets, buffets, etc.:

Their great versatility makes it possible to mount all types of fittings and accessories on the market based on the international System-32 standard

Assemble kitchen cabinets with studs and eccentric fittings Make holes for cleats with a pitch of 32 mm

Make assemblies with dowels (wooden dowels) Install cuffs with multiple attachment points.

Make holes for hinges and fittings. Install ball or roller slides and slides

Make holes for fittings. Install Metabox drawers, tandemboxes, ...

A unique choice in France, the pro range. the most comprehensive on the market available today on the internet for individuals and professionals